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SR Cosmetics was founded over a decade ago. The Company and the brand name are internationally renowned for its unique products, which do not compromise either on quality or on the active components and strict standards. The Company was founded on vision, knowledge and professionalism, headed by Shuly Harel Rodrig – the doctor, dermatologist and aesthetician with over 40 years experience.  Shuly Rodrig, is also a developer of unique and exclusive formulas as well as a researcher in pharmaceutical sciences.

SR Cosmetics is a recognized and leading brand in cosmetics in Israel and abroad. The company’s products are highly sought after and have a huge success with beauticians, beauty centers, and marketing and training centers for the beauty professions. The company manufactures and markets a huge range of cosmetics products for women and men. All the high quality products meet the strictest standards, contain active ingredients and are tested in advanced laboratories to prove their effectiveness.

SR Cosmetics recently launched its products in Russia and soon in leading professional exhibitions around the world to expose its products and promote its overseas operations by contacting leading distributors. Among its unique products, the company markets a series of paramedical products to repair skin damage at all levels and for anti-aging and mesotherapy treatments.

The company’s team guides all marketing centers in Israel and around the world in the best and most effective treatment methods to assist cosmeticians provide proven and effective solutions to their customers. Experience all the benefits of the Dead Sea Minerals with SR Cosmetics made in Israel.

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SR Cosmetics Caviar Collection

Effective Result First of All

SR Cosmetics are premium segment therapeutic skincare, which is aimed exclusively at effective results.

It has accumulative effect and works on the principle of homeopathy, and also has a very long lasting result with the correct prescription and use of its products. Therefore, this brand is one of the most expensive brands in the world.

Therapeutic Technique

This luxury skincare range is used as a therapeutic technique, which is completely painless, hypoallergenic and does not provide for any rehabilitation periods, excluding fractional mesotherapy (up to 4 days of recovery in the form of redness or peeling of the skin – regeneration).

SR Cosmetics Active Strawberry Mosturiser
DMAE SR Cosmetics

Low Molecular Composition

The next great advantage is the low molecular weight composition of the preparations with a wide and at the same time unique components, such as silkworm cocoons, hyaluronic acid, stem cells, coenzyme Q10, Black Caviar, Coffee, Gold 24K, Vitamins, Peptides, Canabis oil, DMAE and many others that can penetrate to the dermal level, thereby providing stunning results.

Alternative For Injection Techniques

One of the important aspects is the fact that SR Cosmetics skincare products are a good alternative for injection techniques like Botox and even contour plastics, especially for those customers who are afraid of such procedures or adhere to natural ones and natural beauty as such.

SR Cosmetics Mezotox Serum
SR Cosmetics Herbal Cleansing Mousse

Prolongating of Injection Techniques Results

The next point is the possibility of SR Cosmetics products to be an excellent assistant in prolongating of all injection techniques, i.e. these enhance the result and extend it for a longer period, and also serve as a “powerful” and productive home care therapy.

Fibroblast Stimulation

And the most important aspect is the ability of these skincare products to stimulate the main cells of the dermis – Fibroblasts, thereby triggering the body’s natural processes to produce its own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which decrease after 25 years.

Ain’t these components responsible for the elasticity of our skin, hydration and even complexion?

SR Cosmetics Sun and  Tan skincare

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