SR Cosmetics DMAE Series

CANNA Natural Treatment products enriched With Hemp Seed Oil.
A revolutionary series of prеparations enriched with cannabis seed oil for a natural treatment.

Cannabis sativa seed oil is a unique strain that is a powerful catalyst for healing, relieving and relaxing skin lesions at a level of medical visibility The combination with the other components in the series helps to balance skin rejuvenation process in a long term manner. The DMAE component, which acts as an active precursor, as a prеcursor to acetylcholine molecule, contributes to firming the skin and tightening its texture. Protects against free radicals damages, brightens age spots and reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.  

DMAE (D – methyl-amino-ethanol) precursor: A precursor molecule of Acetylcholine that supports the improvement of brain function and the slowing down of aging. Neutralizes free radicals and is found in large quantities in marine fish. The DMAE is excreted as a chemical in the facial skin and is found in the synapses between nerve cells and muscle. Along with the skin’s aging process, the amount of Acetylcholine decreases, thе skin loses its tightness and wrinkles and liquid skin gravitation begin to appear. The receptors found on the membranes of the fibroblast cells, absorb the DMAE and increase the production of Aacetylcholine and thus it can be done: Deep wrinkle filling Flattening of fine lines Solidification Clarifying age spots Extraordinarily tighten facial skin Protect the skin against damages caused by free radicals In addition, the Cannabis oil ingredients, produced from the Sativa seeds, are powerful catalysts for healing and calming of various skin lesions and help to balancе the processes of skin tenderness. SR Cosmetics are proud to present the new products series with the natural DMAE formula for balancing and slowing down the skin’s ageing process.