SR Cosmetics Black Caviar Premium Series

Over the years black caviar eggs were considered to be a symbol of wealth and as an attracting focal point for seekers of natural care nurturing and beauty.
Following a long scientific development and many years in R&D, SR Cosmetics has developed premium biomimetic products series to match the features and components of the black Caviar. The formulas were developed by a smart micro capsular technology.

The Black Caviar preparation series includes some effective synergetic preparation containing 8.3% protein, active amino acids, derivatives of vitamin A acids for enriching and tightening collagen components in the skin and 50% hyaluronic acid to fill in wrinkles and fine lines. If all these are not enough, our specially created system contributes to the slow release of these magnificent capsules which dissolve with a light massage onto your skin. And the final outcome, your skin looks radiant, firm and younger than ever.