OnMacabim Skincare
“The Jem of Judean Desert”

Humans and nature blend perfectly together. Our connection with nature is essential, especially for our health, well-being and happiness. Nature offers us more than we see, and it’s our task to research, create and offer you the green beauty, represented by natural, clean and non-toxic products for your skin with wide benefits and great results. 

The indisputable advantage of ONmacabim is a diverse range of professional cosmetics that are perfectly compatible with each other and can be combined by specialists to obtain a clinical result.⁣ The active ingredients of the OnMacabim cosmeceuticals are plant extracts, obtained by special patented methods of extraction in high concentration.⁣ Natural, non-toxic skin care products perfect for the most sensitive skins, without unnecessary additives and chemicals, inspired by natural and unique resources from Judean Desert.⁣ Exclusive professional and home care for a perfect skin.

The Judean Desert is a unique region on the coast of the Dead Sea. Herbs growing in the region have been known for their healing properties for more than two thousand years. The harsh climatic conditions of the desert force the plants to accumulate and retain a large number of useful components. In ancient manuscripts, one can often find descriptions of various uses of the herbs of the Judean desert for the treatment of various diseases.

The ONmacabim Research Center has created a unique technology for the extraction and processing of medicinal herbs of the Judean desert based on the rich experience of the ancient peoples of the Middle East.
ONmacabim is not only about the external beauty, but also self-confidence, success and new life philosophy, a philosophy of tranquillity, based on two thousands years of experience of many generations. It is no secret that beauty and health are the basis of our emotional equilibrium and harmonious relationship with the world and with the seld.

Our skin is a reflection of that relationship.ONmacabim takes that into account and therefore we use “wise” dermatology, an efficient combination of internal and external therapy, guided by the individual approach to each client and ensuring comfort and safety of treatments.

The compositions of cosmetic products do not contain mineral oils, chemical dyes, parabens and heavy metal salts.

OnMacabim Skincare Range

DM – Series for oily and problem skin

NR – Series for normal, dry and sensitive skin

VC – Series for normal and dry skin

Caviar Lime Acids – Peeling Series

PR – Parsley-based pigmentation prevention series

OXYGEN – Intensively Moisturizing Series

Bio Lift – Lifting and Anti-ageing Series

Neutrazen Peptide Series

ST Cells – Intensive skin care series with a high concentration of plant stem cells

PS MED – Dermatological Care Series

MF – Multifunctional Face Care Series for Acne Treatment

FC – Foot and Hand Care Series

BODY FIT – Special skin care series

SYSTEM PLUS – The latest innovative, system for gentle cleansing of the skin


S.C.P. – Professional series

Professional Alginate Series

Meso Prof – New series for mesotherapy, microneediling

Ultrasound Professional Gel Series

Professional Chemical Peels Series

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